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Expatriate Tax Return – Ways To Save

Do you know that if you study or work abroad, you still have to complete your tax return? Yes, you did hear it right. In Australia you may need to submit your returns even if you are working overseas. It’s a great experience to say the least but, of course, there are still the necessary tasks to be done at home. While you might not like the idea of handling these things they can be a lot easier to do than you think. There are plenty of ways to save on an expatriate tax return too. Read on to find out more.

Always Look At the Foreign Earned Exclusion Income Section

There may be a section within the return that talks about any earnings made outside of Australia. If you haven’t worked in Australia for the year and all earnings were made outside the country, you need to fill in that section. However, you might not have to pay a lot of taxes onto these earnings since it was outside Australia. You might have to look for the right forms in order to complete your return since it was earned outside the country. You still need to deal with your tax returns but they can be a lot easier with the right forms that is.

Foreign Tax Credits

For many, they will find they are entitled to some form of foreign tax credits and it’s important to get updated with this. Your tax return should contain a section about this especially if you have been working outside the country for the past year. There may be a certain limit to how much you can claim in tax credits, of course, but it would be wise to look into this further. You might be able to save a lot of money in taxes this way.

Hire an Expert


When it comes to expatriate tax returns, it will be even more confusing than a standard return. This is going to cause you a lot of concern and for most people; they really make a real mess of it all. That is why it is a necessity to hire someone who knows all about these returns. You should hire someone who deals with expatriate returns and who can file on your behalf. This will make things far easier and, in truth, they may help to save you a lot of money also. A lot of people don’t think about doing this when it comes tax time so you have to educate yourself on these matters. It will make a real difference down the line. visit https://www.taxreturn247.com.au/ for more additional tips and details.

Save Money Today

While it might sound very complicated, dealing with an expatriate return can be far easier. However, it is a lot easier when you have someone who knows all about these things in your corner. They can help to ensure everything is filled out correctly and that everything is in order too! Without getting some form of help you might end up paying a fortune for your taxes. Handle your tax return carefully and hopefully you won’t be heavily taxed today.

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